Are you ready? 

How It Works


1. First Step

Let's talk about your hopes, goals, concerns or issues.  We'll set an initial plan (which will evolve as you progress) to get you where you want to be - safely and thoughtfully but as quickly as possible.

2. where are you today?

Our first sessions will include a comprehensive review of your physical condition and capabilities. You'll also be learning proper technique fundamentals and correcting bad habits.  Termed an "assessment", it provides the foundation for your program design.  And more importantly, provides you critical information and initial instruction on what to expect, how to (properly) prepare for as well as recover from your training.  

3. A Custom Plan for YOu Specifically

You'll improve.  Each workout will be adapted and/or modified to your ongoing development and achievement. Challenging you, addressing your weaknesses (we all have them), ensuring greater capability while keeping you on track.