Lasting REsults, fAster

  • Look Younger, Feel better, Recover from illness or injury
  • Different from typical training programs
  • New to exercise? Starting Over? Experienced and want more?
  • Increase performance, Improve mental function, Sleep better

If you’ve been exercising for more than four weeks without results or have begun a program only to stop soon after, call Shawn today

  • Benefit from custom workouts specific to your goals & needs - group classes and bootcamps are "one size fits all", providing little or no instruction on form or technique
  • Get personal guidance in the comfort & privacy of your home, gym or office - avoid the crowds, scrutiny and inconvenience of commercial gyms (like waiting for machines, sweat-covered equipment, lack of privacy)
  • Your trainer travels to you - making it easier to fit your workout into your busy schedule, increasing consistency and helping you stay committed
  • Enjoy greater variety in your exercise - have more fun while (finally) achieving results

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